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How to wash the wool, yak, camel and cashmere product?

Dear Friends, here we collect some wash tips for you:-)

1. Hand wash is best - water temperature below 35 ° C, so that the neutral detergent, soaking time is less than 15 minutes. Do not twist hard by hand. Avoid using force and sputum. DehydrationNot too long (up to 2 minutes), can be treated with acid after washing

2. Using an acidic lotion, soak the water in 45 degrees water for 20 minutes at a water ratio of 1:15, then pass the water and dry it in a dryer.

3. When washing the sweater, to prevent shrinkage, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, and wash with a neutral soap sheet or washing. During the last time washing, add a little salt vinegar to maintain the elasticity and luster of the sweater, and also neutralize the residual soap. After washing, squeeze out the water, block it, put it into the net bag, hang it in a ventilated place to dry, avoid twisting or exposure. Wash the clothes dry and dry, separate them with white cloth or white paper, put in insecticides such as mothballs, and put them into the cabinet.

4. Ironing

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