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ECO-TEXTILE CO.,LTD. is filled with the grace from the only God, and founded in 2017, the founders Peter, James and Maisie have been working in the natural fiber and yarn field since 2002, during the past years practise and collection, ECO-TEXTILE owns the leading and extensive natural yarn research and development. Purity and Nature are the constant melody for everyone in ECO-TEXTILE. Not only all of yarn, thread and fiber products from ECO-TEXTILE are made of natural animal hair fiber, plant fiber, and eco-friendly materials,but all products are finished in the environmental sustainable development production system. Thanks to cooperate with 7 socially responsible factories, we have made out over 150 kinds yarn and thread products, every yarn contain the warm care and greeting to everyone,from workshop to final consumer. Natural silk, wool, bamboo, linen yarn are mainly used and welcomed by carpet manufacturer; Natural silk,wool, yak, camel, rabbit, alpaca,vicuna as well as long staple cotton,pineapple, banana,ramie,hemp etc. are loved by hand-weaver and knitter; Natural silk thread and silk fiber products are the first choice of the superior  nat...



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