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Dying process for corn yarn

Whole process of dyeing
Green-refining (hot water washing, refining) - dyeing (dispersive dyeing) - Setting

Dyeing specific steps
Scheduled temperature: 110 Celcius degrees
1. Refining: (a. Hot water rinsing: 60"C x 20 minutes; 
                         b. Refining: 70 "C x 20 minutes, add Na2C03: 0.1-0.2% solids + anionic surfactant: 1g/L)
2. Dyeing: 
Dyeing with disperse dyes 110-120"C x 30-45 minutes (staining temperature should not be too high, more than 130"C the fabric is brittle) 
Heating up: 1 "C / minute 
Cooling: 100 "C or more, 1.2"C degrees / minute; 
                 below 100"C, 1.5 degrees / minute.
 Restore cleaning (dark) Sodium bisulfite: 2g/L (Na2S204.2H20)
 Soda powder: 2g/L (Na2C03) 
Soaping agent: 1g/L 
70 "C x 20 minutes 
Medium or light, it is recommended to just soap.
3. Heat setting 140-150"C x 40-50M/min

The above dyeing guidelines are for reference only and should be based on the specific operating procedures of the plant.


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