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  • Composition: 100% mulberry silk
  • Package: 100g/cone,200g/cone
  • MOQ: 10KGS
  • Custom Made Delivery Date: 15days
  • Product description: Degummed from 3-4A grade raw silk filament material Size: 20/22Dx4x3 (4300meters/100g) in strong twist. With smoothful hand feeling, graceful silk lustre and whiteness

Mulberry Silk Thread Characteristics:

It is well known that the silk fiber has very long history, the origin time can be more than 4500 years ago,here this is not the important part.What we want to introduce is the silk character and the super advantage to us.

Silk fiber consists of two triangular or semi-elliptical silk fiber outsourcing sericin, cross-section is oval. Silk fiber is protein fiber, sericin and silk fibroin are the main component, in which silk fibroin accounted for about 3/4, silk sericin about 1/4. The silk sericin is the outcover layer of silk fibroin, which is the continuous material out from silk worm. Two continuous fibroin covered by the silk sericin composed a silk single filament.

The Silk sericin is collagan protein, which is well known for people to nourish the skin. The silk fibroin is used for textile as thread. Surely all of our silk thread are made by this silk fibroin part with strong strength.

Silk has a similar PH to the human body, and has a pearl-like natural luster, the clothing made of silk fibers not only the appearance of noble, but also own the green and healthy characteristics to human body with a variety of health effects. Silk moisture absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton, and 1.8 times that of wool, so it is easy to maintain the balance of skin moisture, there is a apparent healthy effection for the skin dry people.

Silk is not only the main raw material of textiles, but also can be used to insulation field for the aero space facility. Also be used to the manufacturing of artificial blood vessels.

*One Second Distinction the Raw silk filament VS Degummed silk thread

Raw silk filament is the continous material and reeled from silk cocoon, with hard feeling, dull lustre.

Degummed silk thread is the pure silk fibroin after boiling the raw silk filament to get rid of the sericin, it is smoothful, shiny and soft hand feeling.